VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris wins “Best Signature Treatment in the World” and “Best Spa 2021 in Portugal” in World Spa Awards


This week, VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris received two distinctions of excellence, “Best Signature Spa Treatment in the World 2021” for its inimitable Golden Quartz treatment, and “Best Spa Resort in Portugal 2021”, for second time, both bestowed by the renowned World Spa Awards, which celebrates the very best in the luxury wellness arena.

The 7th edition of the World Spa Awards is the result of online voting throughout the year, carried out by tourism professionals in the area of spa and wellness, as well as hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world. The results can be found here.


A sanctuary of well-being and tranquillity, VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris boasts a contemporary design inspired by the region's extraordinary sea caves, with a natural stone decor and soothing shades of blue and green that reflect the nuances of the Atlantic Ocean.  The first Sisley Paris branded spa in Portugal it offers a diverse range of treatments known for combining an advanced scientific approach with the most exquisite natural products.


Among the relaxation and holistic rituals is the Golden Quartz Signature Treatment, which includes a variety of massage techniques, alternating the application of pindas with the warm comfort of a bed of small heated quartz crystals, with the sound of Tibetan bowls, providing a deeper level of relaxation. This 90-minute full-body treatment, which emulates that feeling of lying on a warm beach, costs 160 Euros.



In addition to the treatments and massages performed in the 14 elegant rooms, the Spa’s offer includes a spacious studio with full length windows overlooking the hotel’s tranquil gardens, where yoga sessions (private or in groups), including Aerial Yoga classes, as well as private meditation sessions, take place.

Also available is the HYPOXI* studio, the only one in Portugal, which offers an innovative body shaping method, achieved through low-impact physical exercise aligned with a technology that uses vacuum and compression alternately.  It is mostly effective in burning localised fat, in conjunction with a healthy nutrition plan.

 For those who are more focused on an intensive wellness plan, three renovated Spa suites are available in close proximity to the spa, offering access to all the resort facilities.

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