VILA VITA Day 2020

A unique and innovative training day!

It was so little time ago but it seems so far away and maybe that's why it's worth remembering good times and above all, affirming who we are.

In early 2020, VILA VITA provided its employees with an innovative, educational experience based on inspiration, diversity and the needs of their holistic condition as People (and not just professionals), through the VITA Day Event.

We affirmed our identity as a major business project based on values, tradition of excellence and innovation in order to value everything and everyone with whom we interact.


We consolidated, strengthened and developed more and better ties with our partners so that together we can contribute to the best possible future for this region that we love so much and that welcomes us so well.

Our vitality comes from our ability to believe in ourselves and what we want to do with our lives, both as individuals and collectively.


We have always been an open, plural and creative space, passionately immersed in the desire to innovate and go further, to make dreams come true, aiming for excellence in everything we do.

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