Culinary World of VILA VITA

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

VILA VITA Parc presents a multi-sensory gastronomic experience ranging from casual beachside dining to rustic Portuguese plates to one-of-a-kind gastro-creations at our two Michelin-starred restaurant. 


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Food is never an afterthought at VILA VITA Parc. With a total of six bars and 10 restaurants, from world renowned fine eateries, proudly Portuguese creations or oceanfront venues, diversity is key to our culinary philosophy.



More than dining

Flavours span the globe, from sun-drenched Mediterranean produce to clean and crisp Japanese cuisine. Our impressive wine cellar – stocked with more than 11,000 bottles – ensures the perfect accompaniment wherever you dine.



Flavours of the world

Deliciously diverse, the culinary world of VILA VITA Parc is an extraordinary gastronomic adventure that makes the Resort a magnet for gourmets from all continents. With choices that range from modern Japanese cuisine to the sweet simplicity of the Algarve’s rustic cooking, the Resort offers a wide selection restaurants and bars, each with distinctive style, menus and ambience.




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