For a Better World


For a better World
We always believed in sustainable luxury and take great pride in our efforts to be both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. And we are always on a journey to do better, because sustainability isn’t about what you say, it’s about what you do.


Caring about the environment, investing in sustainable practices and making a significant change that will impact the world, requires more than just words, it becomes a way of life and a meaningful direction to follow.


Protecting tomorrow

Reducing waste, conserving resources, promoting our local community, and protecting important natural habitats are just some of the ways where we are working towards a greener, better future.

Our approach to Sustainability

Minimizing waste and Recycling
Be eliminating plastic straws, separating waste and using reusable materials, we have greatly reduce our waste and help raise awareness of why this matters to everyone.



Reducing water consumption
As water is our most vtal resource, a seawater desalination system provides us with a sustainable water source for our gardens and pools.



Save energy with vehicles
In order to promote collective travel and fossil fuel reduction, we provide free electric car charging facilities, along with a shuttle service for guests and staff alike.

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Nature & Wildlife Partnerships
Our resort´s incredible location and rich natural habitats are unique. We work closely with local wildlife organisations to protect and preserve it.



Caring for the bech year round
We are working towards the Armação Beach Club becoming the first eco-bech in Portugal, and all of our 3 beaches are proud to fly the Blue Flag.



Herdade dos Grous Organic Farm
The inspiration for our farm-fork-philosophy, Herdade dos Grous is a tranquil estate vineyard that grows organic products for our kitchens and allows you to experience the feeling of authentic rural traditions.



With the resort’s Alentejan farm, Herdade dos Grous, and the Metzgerei artisanal butcher in Porches, VILA VITA Parc is itself a local grower and supplier, embodying the farm to fork philosophy.

Good food is good mood

From home reared meat to olive oil, fresh compotes and flavoursome jams; all directly sourced from the farm, where the meat production process, raising the free-range animals, all exceptional produce is carefully controlled before its use by the resort and the butchery. 

Most of the product bought is seasonal and local, to help ensure the highest quality product and reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the distance food travels from farm to consumer. 

Furthermore, fairly paid local farmers are less likely to sell their land to developers helping to preserve the unspoiled rural countryside of the Algarve, and supplier/customer both grow stronger together. 




Within the community
Today’s travellers have different expectations, different priorities: they want to experience authenticity, local culture and tradition. This gives a resort like ours a unique opportunity to be a force for good, to create a positive impact whenever it does business.

We are a community, a family that takes care of each other by creating a culture of communication and mutual respect.  Together we keep alive the spirit of VILA VITA – to work with a love and passion for what we do



We believe we have a social responsibility to be a force for good and create a positive impact on the local community, encouraging our guests to discover the unique heritage and traditions of the Algarve.

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